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I have been training with Kristina for only 6 weeks but the gains that I've made is more than I've gained in 6 months going to the gym training on my own. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week but could never get the physique I wanted, I always had issues losing body fat and gaining muscle size and strength. That was until Kristina started training me.

She is great to talk to about all aspects of training and nutrition. I can't thank her enough and look forward to the next few months to see the results.


I was exercising, but seemed to be stuck in a rut and wanted to look good as I approached my 40th birthday. Kristina’s sessions are relaxed and fun and tailored to what you can and can’t do. She has great knowledge on what will work for your individual body. Combining her workouts with guidance on a balanced and healthy diet has transformed how I look and how I feel!


I worked with Kris over a 3-4 month period to help improve my fitness levels before doing a bike race in the Dolomites.

Kris was great from the start, understanding my key goals and structuring a programme which would help me achieve them. We focused on full body work outs which were great fun and worked really well alongside the weekend cycling which i was doing.

At the end of the programme i had managed to lose 4kgs and had really increased my power output on the bike enabling me to get up those hills!


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I've known Kristina since 2015 and watching her bodybuilding journey inspired me to start mine. I chatted with Kristina about competing to gain more information. She answered all my questions and soon, we were starting my prep journey!

As someone who is and has always been quite shy and reserved, my biggest worry was the stage presence but Kristina’s approach to helping me bring out my confidence was sensitive and encouraging. 

I entered into my first show which was the UKBFF British Nationals in April 2017 with a goal to place Top 3. And I did! I came third and qualified for British Finals and International Shows (IFBB ). It’s something I never imagined would happen, and I have Kristina to thank for that! Having her constant support on the day itself really settled my nerves. Without her encouragement throughout the process, I would not have stepped on stage and placed.

I am so excited to work with Kristina over the next few months to get back up on stage and bring an even better package. 

Whether you’re looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle or want to compete but have no idea where to start, Kristina is someone I would highly recommend. Not only is her experience a key aspect, her passion for fitness and humbleness reminds you why you started on this journey.


I started working with Kristina after tearing my hip flexor. Taking things slowly and telling me what I could and couldn’t do, pushing me in the right direction and giving me the confidence that I could build up my training again, Kristina helped me huge amounts. More than just showing me what to do, Kristina showed me how to do things correctly, how to be as efficient I could be, and explaining why we were doing certain things.

Since starting to work with Kristina last May, I’ve managed to get back to both running and cycling. From cycling through the hills above Barcelona and tackling the South Downs, to doing another Tough Mudder, I’ve seen huge benefits by having her next to me throughout my recovery.

I’ve come from not being able to run more than 10 minutes without pain to breaking personal bests over short and long distances, re-joining a running club and I am now on course to break 3hours30mins for the London Marathon in April 2015. Thanks Kristina!"


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I had just joined the gym and wanted some PT sessions to give me some confidence in what I was doing. It’s incredibly daunting to start a new gym regime when you are significantly overweight but I found Kristina’s warmth and enthusiasm was incredibly encouraging.


Every work out with her was varied – I get bored very quickly when it comes to exercise so it helped me greatly to try a variety of different things. I booked another course of 6 sessions with her in the lead up to my holiday and then again once I was back in the run up to Christmas. The results from these 12 sessions speak for themselves – I lost 5% body fat and a total of 28cm from my body including a massive 22cm from my hips.


Kristina has really helped me come to love working out – a huge achievement for someone who spent the past 20 years actively avoiding any kind of exercise. I’m 3 stone lighter than my heaviest weight 3 years ago and 2 of those stones were lost in the gym this year.


Steph X

I started training with Kristina in August 2015 having been impressed by her own training and her background as a cyclist. We had a simple aim: to achieve an Ironman PB at Challenge Roth in July 2016.

I have been blown away by the commitment, knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation she has given to help me deliver my training goals.

At the outset, Kristina developed a functional strength training programme, underpinned by an integrated total body approach, which focused on the core muscles plus the upper and lower body muscle groups. The programme was specifically designed to complement my cardio programme and to develop more power and muscular balance.

Working on the basis of one or two 60-min sessions per week (depending on work commitments), Kristina's programmes were progressive, challenging and most importantly, fun! Each session was different ensuring I stayed motivated, and mixed training up with free weights, Life Fitness machines, stability and medicine balls, TRX and BOSU.

Over the course of the last twelve months, Kristina has delivered a huge reduction in my body fat alongside significant increases in my functional strength and power. Notably, this has translated into improved times for my swim, bike and run.

Did it work? Despite significant disruption to my cardio training caused by work travel commitments, I completed Challenge Roth (my second Ironman) on 17 July in a PB of 11hrs 41 mins (42 mins quicker than in 2014).

Thank you Kristina for being a critical part of an amazing journey!


I'm personal trainer myself  and i know how to get myself into the best shape . Always wanted to compete in the body  building competitions in a bikini fitness category but didn't know where to start as this is a very different level of fitness and  requires a good knowlege and an experience. 

 I've followed Kristina's journey on the social media - she has really inspired me so I've decided to meet her in person and never regret it since.

A few months later I've step on that body building stage for the first time in my life (UKBFF National's in Liverpool ) with a confidence that I've never had before with the best body shape and condition I've been in my life.

Kristina is a true professional with a great personality- she know what she does and she is always there for you. Without Kristina's help and  an ongoing support I believe i wouldn't have achieved where I'm now . In terms of diet, training  and overall stage presents too. Kristina is an amazing person and always in a good mood and smily . With this approach, even the painful workouts are enjoyable!

I've already participated in a four shows  this year and the prep has been vey enjoyable and a good results speaks by themselves . I'm looking forward for many more to come as this been nothing but an amazing life journey .

She has truly changed my life for better . 

Ivana x

I’ve been training with Kristina at the beginning of each week to help provide an new and interesting workout plans that keeps me motivated all week for my solo workouts.

Her sessions are great for pushing me further than I would go on my own and teaching me new techniques and theory that I can then put into practice for the rest of the week.

I now have far more varied and interesting workouts rather than just doing the same exercises on the same machines each gym session. The results have been great, first losing the weight then putting on the muscle.

Her plans have been great at taking into consideration my lifestyle and are tailored to my goals, plus the nutritional advice and food ideas are essential (even if I don’t keep to them as well as I should).

Can’t recommend Kristina highly enough.


I spotted Kristina training for her competition and noticed that in about 3 weeks she had changed quite remarkably.  In seeing her change and after going to the gym for quite a while and not feeling I was getting anywhere, I decided to speak to her about training me. When we had our first meeting Kristina was great, she was really positive towards what I wanted to achieve and that it was possible with the right diet and programme, plus a few sessions to get me under way.


Kristina is always encouraging and understands that sometimes sticking to your diet can be a challenge! She always pushes you to achieve your full potential when working out and never lets you slack, which is good for me as I try to be a bit cheeky if I am feeling a bit tired!

Over the last 4 months I have made great progress with Kristina's workout programmes and dietary sheet, I continue to have one PT session a week to keep me on track, every session is never the same which keeps you on your toes…


It's always a pleasure to work with Kristina, as she is really passionate about training herself as she is with her clients.



I have been training with Kristina for the last four months and have lost 12 pounds! Yay!! This is the most body confident I have been in over 10 years as I have managed to maintain my new weight and am no longer yo-yoing (even though I have the odd treat)!


The last 4 months have been an education in understanding how my body reacts to certain foods, getting to grips with my emotional eating and learning to love squats!!

Kristina has also taught me life lessons on patience, working to meet your goals and remaining disciplined.


I feel much more in control of my life now that I can control my weight and I could not have done this without her help!  In all honesty this is the best investment I ever made!! 


I met with Kristina through recommendation by a friend of mine. I knew from our initial consultation that Kristina would be the right personal trainer for me.

I was a complete beginner when I started training with Kristina, but I was very clear on the goals I wanted to set for myself and work towards with the help of Kristina. I have been training for 5 months, and feel positive that I have achieved some of my goals.


Kristina keeps our sessions challenging but fun. She motivates me and pushes me harder each time. She always makes time for me to discuss my home exercise plans, diet and nutrition. I feel energised and happy every time I leave the gym. - I am looking forward to our next 6 months of training!



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